the NOW now

the NOW now is an Artist Run Initiative that has been working since 2001 to present a diverse and unique mix of exploratory, experimental, improvised, noise, sound-art, outsider, free, unpopular and generally ‘othered’ musics throughout a range of venues and spaces in Sydney and greater NSW.

We run the NOW now festival every January and a bi-monthly concert series throughout the year.

To keep in touch please join the mailing list, join the facebook page, or check this website. Please see below for our listings of related upcoming gigs in Sydney. (If we have missed something please let us know). We hope to keep you up to date on all the exploratory music going on around Sydney. We put on regular gigs and try and list anything that we find interesting.

The 20+ Splinter Orchestra was born from the NOW now happenings, you can find out all about this project here.

Thanks for your interest, and hope to see you at a gig soon!

If you want to help out, play, suggest bands, or get involved in any way get in touch with us here: series

You can also subscribe to our weekly mailing list to find out about all kinds of gigs in sydney and beyond.